The leading house of creativity and change. Welcome to Kraemer United in creativity and our belief in what creativity can do. This is who we are and where we do our work. The power of a brand experience. That is the currency in the digital era. We believe our world can be more thoughtful, more humane and more beautiful. We're a global leader in brand consulting, design and architecture. We are visionaries in solving problems. Every change starts with a story. We fuel those stories. Let's create new stories together. Let's connect!

Welcome to Kraemer! For 23 years the leading house of creativity and transformation.

We are the leading house for design and creative change. A full service multidisciplinary design agency focused on creative experiences. Our work encompasses graphics and identity, architecture and interior design, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications, sound and motion. With smart tools and global resources, we examine the implications of every design choice, create new experiences and open doors to new opportunities.

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We are the creative branding and design agency that creates bridges between great ideas and audiences.

Our expertise


We design the future in ways that it triggers momentum when it’s needed. A brand architecture is simply the making of an entire language for telling the outside world who and what you are and what you do.


We develop experiences that translate brands and products into unforgettable moments of interaction. From a new identity, interior to events, we always make sure our client comes out on top.


We develop and create temporary and permanent brand spaces for homes, offices, trade shows and events. We want to create places where architecture merges with digital and analog communication.


Through our strategic design and communications work, We believe that a deep, logical understanding of your audiences, brand and vision leads to the best strategy and design.


We develop strategies that enables our clients to reach their next level and guide them through the transformation process. In doing so understanding our clients’ business, environment and goals is leading.


Transformation can only succeed if vision and insight are combined. technology and design is not nearly enough! Vision and insight has an impact on all aspects of a brand.

News & Updates

Hmmmm, that smells so good! View case study Kraemer was responsible for the concept, interactive, and visual design of the logo, website, signage and interior. Building the identity and preparing the launch was a huge task. Spanish passion and dedication. View case study A perfect example of when something is made with so much love, passion and dedication.. that you can taste it. New identity for Nord. View case study Look at that! And it looks awesome! A new identity for Nord! And not only that... some signage was done and not to forget a complete interior overhaul! Yes! Five offices for Kraemer. Kraemer opens three new offices! We will be having a foothold in the Netherlands, Spain and Australia. These locations will be fully operational at the beginning of 2021! Woohoo! The call for a new urban adventure. View case study The primary focus of our strategy was to support and facilitate the spirit of innovation by the new Land Rover series. The new digital concept was devised to create a new innovative journey. Proud of the past, printing happiness for the future. View case study When it comes down to print, no point looking further... Kliemo! It's the only place where excellence and experience meets quality and "happiness". When it comes down to hospitality. View case study Having identified consistency as the key we redefined Accor Hotel's identity, designing a clear brand personality and structure to ensure a flexible, yet clearly uniform look and feel across the globe. Collaboration with Sprinter & Nike View case study What is left to say about the most recognizable name on this planet... Excellent collaboration with Sprinter Sports and Nike Spain. Still soaring through the skies. View case study Darwin’s thinking about diversity and adapting to changing circumstances provided the spark for our concept. Especially in uncertain times like these It became the driving force. Harmony and wellbeing. View case study Appointed to design the new visual identity for marketing and promotions, we sought to communicate Aloe Vera’s distinctive blend of heritage and modernity. It's like a BMW you have never seen before. View case study Another icon in the automotive spectrum, BMW. Take a peek inside the new BMW Z4 website designed for several partnerships in trade.

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Every creative change is the sum of teamwork and good reliable partners. We only work with the best because our clients expect nothing else so if you think you can bring something to the table… Do not hesitate and get in touch!

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Every transformation in any kind starts with a first step… That first step is a crucial element, it exactly provides the direction. Good design shows the way and we know how good design works. Let’s create new values together. Let’s connect!
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